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How does Adealbox work?

Some people might ask “How is Adealbox able to give up to 100% moneyback rebates from so many online stores?”. Simple, the amazon stores that you see on Adealbox provide limited free new products each month for us and we find interested people to test the potential development based on the trial report received from testers. So our goal is to help stores to test and find the new products future development and also save people money completely. Most shopping-based websites only provide less than 33% commission but we refund up to 100% to you! We consistently supply our shoppers with online coupons, discounts and cash back rebates to make shopping via Adealbox economical and fun.

How to claim a rebate?
  1. Create an Adealbox account here.
  2. Find the item you want.
  3. Click on “ADD TO CART” button.
  4. Click on “Checkout” button to go to checkout page.
  5. If you are a guest, we will also send you a text message code to verify that you are a US resident.
  6. Please verify your paypal account, you will get a rebate through the paypal account, each user only needs to verify the paypal account once, if you want to change the paypal account, please contact us or mail to us.
  7. Click “PLACE ORDER” button.
  8. Please go to My account > Orders Click “BUY NOW” button for coppy the amazon URL of this product, and open it in a new browser tab.
  9. Purchase the product on Amazon: Do Not Use Discount Codes.
    NOTE: Products purchased with discount codes will NOT get a full product rebate.
  10. *Submit your Amazon order No.: Go back to the and go to My account > Orders click “Submit Order No.” button.

    Note: You must submit your Amazon order No. within 4 hours, otherwise we will automatically cancel your order. If you forget to submit your Amazon order No., you can reorder on it, then submit your Amazon order No.

    • Submit your Amazon order No.(Required)
    • Submit your Rebate Amount (Required)
      NOTE: The rebate amount doesn’t include tax and shipping costs.
    • Upload the payment screenshot of Amazon (Required).
  11. Submit trial report:
    After 3 days, when you receive the product, go back to the and go to My account > Orders click “Submit Trial Report” button:
    • Submit Your Rating.(Required)
    • Write a trial report.(Required)
    • Upload Physical picture of the product: When you receive it, please use a smart device to take pictures.(Required)
    • The seller will review the report you submitted to ensure that there are no errors and other problems, 
    • Wate 4 days for apply rebate.
  12. Apply for rebate:
    After 4 days, and when the trial report approved,go to My account > Orders click “REVIEW ON AMZ AND REFUND” button: 
    • Review this product on Amazon.
      NOTE: If you can’t leave a review on Amazon, don’t worry, it won’t affect your rebate, please contact us.
    • Submit amzon review URL.
      Not required: you can leave an honest review on Amazon, if you do, please submit us the URL of the review.
    • Upload the screenshot of the Amazon review of this product you submitted.
    • When approved, the rebate will be sent to your PayPal account.
How to sign up as a buyer?

Make sure to enter your full name and Email address. We will also send you a text message code to verify that you are a US resident.

Browse all the products. Select the one you want and just click on “ADD TO CART” button!

After you’ve purchased the product you need to report back with your Adealbox, which is often your order number. Once the seller verifies your order, they will approve it, and after that we will send you a PayPal refund.

I cannot get text messages, can you email me the verification instead?

Sorry, we only allow cell phones to verify accounts. It is a protective measure.

Where is the Adealbox main office location? Is there a contact phone number?

We are based in Fremont, California. However we do not have phone support. All the payouts are sent out via an automated check system.

When will I get my rebates?

Rebates are processed after 2 days of purchase. Sellers have 4 days to approve or decline the rebate.

After approving the trial report, rebates are automatically approved after 2 days.

There is something wrong with the product (e.g. price discrepancy on Amazon and Adealbox websites)

Don’t buy the product and please contac us and indicate that you’d like to buy his product but something is wrong.

The product is unavailable

If you followed the link and the product is not available, click on the link I didn’t buy this product and please let us know here: contact us.

Am I required to leave reviews in order to get a rebate?

No. You don’t have to leave a review to get your rebate. Sellers are not allowed to ask you for a rebate. The only thing you have to do is purchase the product and follow the rules and instructions.

Can I order the same rebate more than once?

No. A product shall be claimed only once. You shall only claime one product from the same Amazon seller in a 180-day period. We will decline the rebates. It’s against the rules to purchase any item more than once. Your adealbox account will be blocked. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Is there a limit of rebates?

Yes, there is a daily and monthly limit to claim rebates, 5 items per day and 30 items per month. Once the limit has been reached, it will be refreshed the 1st of the following month.

I put the wrong Amazon order No.

To make sure that your rebate is honored, please contact us and enter the key informations like below so that they can approve your rebate within 3 days. Please do not cancel Amazon orders or refunds.

1. Adealbox order number:
2. Your actual Amazon order number.

How can I cancel my order/purchase/rebate?

Note: you can cancel the order at any time before getting the rebate, otherwise your account will be permanently blocked. If you have any questions, please contact us.

How to cancel my order?
Go to My account > Orders find the order you want to cancel and just click the “Cancel” button.