Adealbox is a new product testing platform that connects people with 100% cashback in exchange for providing their honest feedback and authentic user experience.

Highest Rebates

100% rebates for full price

Shortest Cycle Time

Get money back within 1 day
to your PayPal account

Best Customer Service

7×24 international customer
service to help you

Zero Risk

Shop on Amazon directly without
additional fees required

Large Inventory

Around 5,000 daily inventories
for US users.

Fast Paypal Transfer

Get rebates within 24h
through Paypal



1. Find the product that you love and add it to cart.

As a new member, you only get three chances to apply and if you abandon the orders, you will have to wait to try again.

add to cart


2. Place an order first

Click the buttons “Apply” and “Apply Now” to easily place an order on Adealbox.

apply now
apply now


3. Click the “Buy Now” button and purchase it on Amazon.

Buy it the same way as you would normally buy a product on Amazon and pay the full price. Don’t forget to copy your Amazon order number and come back in 4h.

buy now


4. Click “Submit Order No.” and wait for confirmation.

Go back to the adealbox.com and go to My account > Orders click “SUBMIT ORDER No.” button.

submit order no
submit amazon order no


5. Write a trial report..

Once the product has been delivered from Amazon, test it and write a trial report. Go back to the adealbox.com and go to My account > Orders click “SUBMIT TRIAL REPORT” button.

submit trial report
submit trial report


6. Apply for rebate and Receive your money from Adealbox.

Go back to the adealbox.com and go to My account > Orders click “REVIEW ON AMZ AND REFUND” button. After two business days you can check your PayPal account and you’ll get the money back when your trial report has been confirmed..



Look at what our members are saying about us and our cashback:

Jenny Brooks

Maybe some people think it is impossible, but no, it’s true. For US-based customers, you can apply for anything you like, all those are from Amazon. Enjoy a free trial and write a report that helps Amazon sellers boost their new product. I trust Adealbox, what about you?

Rebecca Smith

Adealbox is a legitimate cashback site. They are composed of sellers in Amazon. When your trial report isapproved, they will reimburse the cost of the product and you can request for cashback via Paypal. I have used it many times.

Lucy Anderson

I enjoy using Adealbox. They offer many different products at 100% cash back. To receive your refund, you have to first order the product on Amazon, enter the order number on the site and after you receive the product, answer a trial report about your opinion of the product. It’s a great way for the seller to get honest feedback. I recommend it to anyone that loves to give their opinion on things and get free stuff!


First established in 2013, we launched in the US in 2018 
and have gained some very impressive stats along the way.


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